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What are Australian Beer Games?

Australia is unique in that, the States and Territories have many different beer sizes and measures. This was caused by the combined effect of colonial influence and the independent nature of many of the States and Territories before The Federation of 1901.

A visitor to the country travelling around several states/territories within a few weeks, may easily become confused, when ordering a beer. You might ask for a Pot in Queensland, while in N.T you would need to request a handle; however a pint in Victoria is not the same as a pint in S.A. which is only 15 fluid ounces. (5 ounces short!)

The many names of beer measures and glasses are a unique piece of Australian Heritage. Below is a table of beer measures for the different States and Territories. It is not definitive or exhaustive, on the border of some states/territories there will be a mix of beer measures used, country settlements will often use more of the old names than metropolitan areas, where new terms maybe invented such as the smiddie.

You now have the exciting opportunity to learn about Australian beer measures and glass sizes, through three new, unique and easy to play card games:- ‘Up and Down’ ‘Going Troppo ’ and ‘Around Australia.’

Have fun, celebrate, and learn a little about a unique aspect of Australia’s heritage, before it’s lost forever.


(Founder and Director of Oz-Beer-Games.Co)



Names of beer glasses in different Australian States and Territories.
Glass Size N.S.W. VIC QLD S.A. W.A. TAS N.T. A.C.T. Glass Size
4 fl.oz         Shetland Pony Small     115 ml
5 fl.oz. Pony/Ladies waist Pony Small Pony Pony       140 ml
6 fl.oz.   Small     Bobbie Six     170 ml
7 fl.oz. Seven Glass Beer Butcher Glass   Seven Seven 200 ml
8 fl.oz.     Glass     Eight     235 ml
10. fl.oz Middy Pot Middy/Ten Pot Schooner Middy Ten/Pot
Handle Middy 285 ml
15.fl.oz Schooner Schooner Schooner Pint Schooner Schooner Schooner Schooner 425 ml
20.fl.oz Pint Pint Pint Imperial Pint Pot Pint   Pint 570 ml

Please note this is not a definitive guide, there will be inconsistencies on State borders, and in some areas. Please note that some of these beer sizes are seldomly used.

Schmiddy: New size in trendy urban bars, about 12 fl.oz.

To learn more about Australian beer visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Australian_beer


Inventor and Founder of Oz-Beer-Games.Co.

Keith Hillman has travelled extensively throughout Australia.
A teacher/lecturer by profession he has taught in a number of schools, in Far North Queensland, in primary and high schools, in the city, country and outback, and in an aboriginal settlement. He has also taught in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Other teaching experience, includes, London, a provincial town in England, and The Bahamas. Currently he is lecturing at Phetchaburi University in Thailand, where he specialises in Maths, and Marketing.

Quoting Keith Hillman: ‘Learning should be fun, how this is achieved is up to the facilitator - however role play, simulation games and puzzles should be an intrinsic part of any educator’s classes and courses – no less so is this in Thailand, where ‘Sanuk’ (fun) is an integral part of everyday life’.

Dave Peters. B.A. TEFL CERT.


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